York Township

From the 1882 & 1907 Pottawattamie County Histories

York is a full congressional township, being, according to United States survey, Township 76 north, in range 41 west. It is bounded on the north by Minden, east by James, south by Washington and west by Norwalk townships. The eastern portion is drained by Middle Silver creek, the central by Little Silver and the western by Keg creek and its tributaries.

The township had no town or railroad connection until 1903, when the Great Western cut through the northwest corner. Even in 1997, the township is mainly a rural farming township with only small communities scattered throughout.


  • Settlers: 1848-1857 – Elam Meekham, N. Holman, Wm. Champlain, Alex Clough, Henry Rishton, Sr., D. T. Jones, Lewis Beard, Ratford Dewey, Joel German, John Ingram, and West Ingram.
  • Birth: Joseph Champlain
  • Sawmill: 1858 – Lewis Beard and Charles Allen
  • Road: Ballard State Road
  • School: Constructed on the farm of Lewis Beard. First term taught in the winter of 1858-59
  • Teachers: Miss Harriet Perry (later, Mrs. Harvey Thomas) was the first teacher, and she was followed by Miss Adelaide Clough in 1859 who later became Mrs. Henry Rishton.
  • Marriages: Miss Perry (above) married in the spring of 1859 and Miss Clough (above) on March 1, 1860.
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