The Price of Our Heritage – S

Compiled by members of the Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society
Jesse R. Salsbury
Lawrence J. Sattler
William M. Saunders
Peter Savoy
Vernon W. Saylor
Walter B. Schafer
Max G. Schiwetz
Herbert Schroeder
Wm. G. Schupp
Clement W. Schuster
39661 Schuster
George S. Scott
James H. Scott
Leland D. Scott
J. D. Scrivnor
Irwin L. Sears
Riley M. See
Joseph Semik
Sanford Severson
Harold Shaffer
Marshall A. Shannon
Lester W. Sharp
Earl G. Shaw
William Shawalt
Omar B. Shearer
William H. Shoemaker
John A. Short
William Short
Patrick Shuckrow
Clarence V. Shurtz
Hilmer W. Sielaff
Martini Signoretta
Bert L. Smith
Carroll B. Smith
Charles C. Smith
Glen A. Smith
Halliday S. Smith
James E. Smith
Merwyn Smith
Raymond Smith
Unknown Smith
William T. Smith
Robert O. Snelson
Norman H. Sonneman
Howard South
Donald D. Sparr
Mathew S. Spautz
Elmer Spears
Ernest Stafford
Ernest L. Stafford
William A. Staley
Claude M. Stanley
Ira Statterfield
Maurice Stephenson
Clifford J. Stevens
George Stewart
George E. Stock
Andreas Stokka
A. J. Stolleis
Dimitrios G. Stratikopulos
Fred L. Strong
William A. Sutton
William H. Swan
Ivan D. Sweeny
Samuel E. Swift
Claude Swisher
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