Biographies “K”

The Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society has access to
at least one biography for the following early residents of
Pottawattamie County.
 Note: Except for Council Bluffs, all references in the second column are to a township.
 Kane, Mike Pleasant
 Keil, J. L. Pleasant
 Keith, H. Crescent
 Keller, John Council Bluffs
 Keller, S. S. Council Bluffs
 Kelley, Harman Council Bluffs
 Kelley, J. M. Macedonia
 Kelley, S. H. Council Bluffs
 Kelsey, Oscar Rockford
 Kemp, G. P. Garner
 Kennedy, Patrick Norwalk
 Kilkenny, Michael Boomer
 Killion, P. A. York
 King, C. O. Valley
 King, S. A. Knox
 Kirby, William Keg Creek
 Kirkland, P. C. Council Bluffs
 Kirkland, T. C. Council Bluffs
 Kirkland, W. D. Council Bluffs
 Kirscht, L. Council Bluffs
 Klopping, August Norwalk
 Knierieman, John Valley
 Knotts, Rev. Joseph Council Bluffs
 Knowles, H. S. Knox
 Knowles, Henry B. Keg Creek
 Koll, Peter Layton
 Kryselmire, M. P. York
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