Graybill-Stokes Cemetery

The legal description for Graybill-Stoker Cemetery reads as follows: “Beginning at a point ‘the NW corner of the SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Section 34, Township 75 N, Range 43 W – go east 34 rods to NW corner of the cemetery, thence S 16 rods, then E 6 rods, thence N 16 rods and W 6 rods to starting place of NW corner of the cemetery’ – in Garner Township.”

To get to Graybill-Stoker Cemetery go three miles east of Council Bluffs on old Highway 6, to the first gravel road going south, after the railroad overpass. Go about one mile, turn east about 1/4 mile, then north on a “dead end” road to the first farm gate on the left. The cemetery is about a half-mile walk back west through the field. As always with farm gates, be sure to close them. Mr. Donald C. Swanson lives on the farm, so, if possible, it is best to ask his permission to visit the cemetery.

This is thought to be an old Mormon cemetery. The stones are old and many are broken.

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