Book Inventory – Census Records

1852 State of Iowa CensusCensus
1856 State of Iowa CensusCensus
1870 State of Iowa CensusCensus
1850 Pottawattamie County CensusCensus
1860 Pottawattamie County CensusCensus
1870 Pottawattamie County CensusCensus
1880-1881 Pott County (Residents by Township)Census
1880 Township CensusCensus
1885 Pottawattamie County CensusCensus
1895 Pottawattamie County Census Book 1 and 2Census
1895 Pottawattamie County Census Book 3Census
First Census of the United States 1791Census
Surnames Listed in the 1790 U. S. CensusCensus
Federal Population Census 1790-1890 (3 copies)Census
Federal Population Census 1900 (2 copies)Census
Twenty Census Questions for 1790-1980Census
Special Lists 1800-1870Census
Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the Bureau of Refugees,Census
Freedman and Abandoned Lands Washington Headquarters
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