Grange Cemetery

Grange Cemetery is located in Section 28, SW corner of NW 1/4 in Boomer Township. It is a large, well kept active cemetery.

The Boomer Grange Society was organized May 31, 1873. Sixteen acres of ground was purchased by John Page for the cemetery. it is recorded in the Pottawattamie County Register, Book 31, page 550.

On January 2, 1884 the Grange Society gave up the organization. It was reorganized and in 1890 became the Boomer Cemetery Association.

In 1899, a 24 by 50-foot building was built at the cost of $794.17, to be used for church and funeral services and other community functions. It was known as the Grange Cemetery Church. In 1916, a barn was added but with the coming of the automobile it was no longer needed and was sold. The church was torn down in 1971.

Grange Cemetery at Iowa Gravestone Photo Project.

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