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The Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society has the following books and materials for sale:

Items for sale                                                     U.S. dollars    Check with us for postage and handling.

Marriage Register 1869-1874, includes date       7.00               

Marriage Records Nov 1902-Dec 1905              12.50               

Marriage Records 1906-1910                              20.00                9,056 names

Marriage Records 1911-1915                              20.00                9,604 names

Marriage Records 1916-1920                              20.00                9,792 names

Marriage Records 1921-1925                              30.00                21,564 names

Marriage Records 1926-1930                              20.00                11,648 names

Marriage Records 1931-1935                              20.00                5,054 names

Marriage Records 1936-1940                              23.00                6,778 names 

Frontier Chronicle, the Historical Townships       5.00 each           

(Completed townships: Garner, Grove, Washington, Boomer, Crescent, Rockford, Hazel Dell, Norwalk, York, Minden, Neola, Lewis, Hardin, Keg Creek, Silver Creek, Belknap, Layton, James, Kane, Macedonia Waveland, Wright, Lincoln, Carson, Pleasant, Valley, Center, Knox)

Historical Cedar Blocks                                       25.00 each                   

Maps:                                                                    5.00 each           

Early Days of Council Bluffs27×19 inches
1848-49 Iowa with descriptive notes27×21 inches
1855 Iowa showing roads and railroads21×30 inches
1875 Council Bluffs – shows wards33×22 inches
1875 Pottawattamie County35×23 inches
1885 Council Bluffs20×30 inches
1898 Council Bluffs24×29 inches
1953 Council Bluffs – shows places of interest22×22 inches
1978 Pottawattamie Co. – shows cemetery locations28×17 inches

City Directories – check with us to see if we have the one you want.

    1950 and later                                                      $ 5.00

    1930s and 1940s                                                 $10.00

    All older directories                                              $15.00

    Omaha directories                                                $25.00 

Please send your order to:

Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society
PO Box 394
Council Bluffs, IA 51502-0394 

Or you may contact us at

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