Biographies “H”

The Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society has access to
at least one biography for the following early residents of
Pottawattamie County.
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 Note: Except for Council Bluffs, all references in the second column are to a township.
 Hagedorn, Chris Pleasant
 Haines, Wilfred Boomer
 Halladay, A. N. James
 Hamilton, W. J. Macedonia
 Hammer, Lewis Council Bluffs
 Hampton, G. B. Crescent
 Hancock, Joseph Garner
 Harder, Jacob Pleasant
 Hardin, Skelton & Co. Council Bluffs
 Harding, John Grove
 Harding, Mrs. E. J. Council Bluffs
 Hardman, Charles W. Valley
 Harms, William Garner
 Harris, A. H. Council Bluffs
 Harris, Edward E. York
 Harris, Montgomery P. Council Bluffs
 Harrod,John B. Valley
 Hart, H. W. Council Bluffs
 Hart, R. S. Knox
 Harting, Henry Hardin
 Haskins, S. F. Council Bluffs
 Hazard, A. A. Council Bluffs
 Headlee, Joseph Valley
 Heesch, John Pleasant
 Heesch, Jurgen Silver Creek
 Heileman, Wm. Garner
 Henderson, G. W. Neola
 Henry, H. L. Council Bluffs
 Henry, Paschel Council Bluffs
 Hensted, Dr. J. W. Waveland
 Hess, J. P. Lewis
 Heywood, G. A. Hardin
 Heywood, James Norwalk
 Hight, B. W. Council Bluffs
 Hildebrand, S. M. James
 Hilton, Mrs. H. J. Council Bluffs
 Hinckley, E. R. Layton
 Hogate, Judson B. James
 Holland, W. C. Council Bluffs
 Holmes, George A. Council Bluffs
 Holmes, James W. Silver Creek
 Holway, A. C. Valley
 Hooker, A. R. Macedonia
 Hooker, J. D. Macedonia
 Hopkins, Samuel H. Grove
 Horn, Albert York
 Horn, J. N. Neola
 Hornby, James Waveland
 Horst, Claus Pleasant
 Hough, Denver Crescent
 Hough, Milton Crescent
 Hough, Warren M. Crescent
 Howard, James S. York
 Howe, Henry Council Bluffs
 Hoyt, W. E. Rockford
 Hughes, E. H. Council Bluffs
 Huntington, Robert Council Bluffs
 Husz, L. F. Silver Creek
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