Neola/St. Patricks Cemetery

These two cemeteries are located in the same area of Neola Township. There is not distinct line to say where one start and the other one ends. The type of stone and names tell more than other physical markers. There are two lovely sets of statues in the Catholic section.

In checking the County Auditor’s office for land records, a transfer to Neola Township from P. Judson and wife for 1-1/2 acres in SW of NE, Section 24, Township 77 N, Range 42 W, was dated first 4 February 1874. Another filing listed 27 August 1877 and another on 9 February 1880, all for the same 1-1/2 acres.

A transfer from P. Judson and wife for 1-9/10 acres in SW of NE, Section 24, Township 77 N, Range 42 W to John Kinnesey, Bishop, was dated 23 October 1878 and another entry 21 June 1881. St. Patrick’s Cemetery was deeded to St. Patrick’s Church on 5 February 1915, by James Davis, former Bishop of Davenport.

Both cemeteries are located on a gravel road north of the town of Neola and are well kept, with trees and a hilltop view of the surrounding area.

Neola Township Cemetery at  Iowa Gravestone Photo Project and Find A Grave.

St Patrick’s Cemetery at Iowa Gravestone Photo Project and Find a Grave.

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