Wheeler Grove Cemetery

Wheeler Grove Cemetery lies in the SE 1/4 of the NW 1/2 of Section 16 in Grove Township. A church originally stood in the center of the cemetery and the first graves were placed around it. The church was moved some years ago and used for a residence nearby and another church was built across the road from the burial ground.

The cemetery is named in honor of Silas and Harriet Wheeler who occupied the area frequently referred to as “Wheeler’s Grove.”

The cemetery can be reached by two ways:  Following Highway 92 to 440th Street south, then following the signs or by following Highway 59 to Chestnut Road east to the cemetery.  It was read on August 30th & September 1, 2003 by Joyce Hickman.   The cemetery is divided into four sections.  Each section was read South to North, West to East, starting nearest the church.

Wheeler Grove Cemetery at Iowa Gravestone Photo Project and Find a Grave.

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