Biographies “D”

The Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society has access to
at least one biography for the following early residents of
Pottawattamie County.
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 Note: Except for Council Bluffs, all references in the second column are to a township.
 Dabney, W. H. H. Belknap
 Darnell, M. B. Layton
 Darrington, William Boomer
 Davis, E. W. Knox
 Davis, Joshua Pleasant
 Davis,Fred Council Bluffs
 Dean, Warren Wright
 Dean, William L. Wright
 Delanty, Mary York
 Denton, Isaac Grove
 Dermyre, Christian Lincoln
 Deur, Joseph Boomer
 Dickey, J. Council Bluffs
 Diederich, Gustav Knox
 Dillard, Solomon Waveland
 Dillin, C. D. Neola
 Dirgo, John Pleasant
 Dixon, A. Lewis
 Doner, H. A. Hardin
 Donnelly, D. K. Council Bluffs
 Dorn, E. D. Minden
 Doty, Luther Macedonia
 Doty, P. J. Minden
 Downs, Drusilla Neola
 Dye, John Macedonia
 Dye, Sylvester Macedonia
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