Waveland Township Cemetery

Waveland Township Cemetery is four miles south and a little over 3 miles west, in Section 26, Range 74, of Pottawattamie County. In 1869, nine families settled in the region, coming by covered wagon from Vermont. Among these settlers were Robert and Helen Ann Wilson. They donated the land for the cemetery on April 20, 1875. However, previous to that, community people were buried at the site. J. W. and E. L. Norris had a baby named Belma, who died March 30, 1870. This is the earliest known grave. The Norris’ were one of the Vermont families.

In 1922, Ed Read and George Groshong made a new entrance to the grounds. During the tenure of C. D. Stone, caretaker from 1915 to about 1950, an archway over the gate was added and several retaining walls around graves were constructed in an effort to stop erosion.

Waveland Cemetery at Iowa Gravestone Photo Project and Find a Grave.

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