David T. Jones Bio

(Reprinted from The Frontier Chronicle Jan-Mar 1999)

David T. Jones was born in South Wales, August 7, 1838 and is the son of John and Jane (Treehorn) Jones, his father having died in Council Bluffs, Iowa in the fall of 1850 and his mother in Norwalk Township, Pottawattamie County, Iowa on July 12, 1871.

David came to Pottawattamie County with his parents in 1849 and removed with the remaining members of his family to Utah in 1852, where he remained for the next nine years.  He was married in Box Elder County, Utah, July 24, 1859 to Mary Mason, born in Wales, March 15, 1836 and daughter of John and Anne (Davis) Mason.

In 1861 David returned to Council Bluffs and in the winter of that same year, moved onto a farm of 120 acres in York Township.  The farm was situated on a tributary of Keg Creek.  The couple had ten children:  John (b. in Utah, June 17, 1860); Mary A. (b. December 1861); Jan R. (b. September 19, 1863); Ida L. (b. October 1, 1865); Albert (b. July 28, 1868; died July 12, 1869); Sarah (b. January 31, 1870; d. November 10, 1871); William H. (b. February 16, 1874); Franklin (b. December 2, 1875) and Charles E. (b. March 16, 1878).

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