Macedonia Township

From the 1882 & 1907 Pottawattamie County Histories

Macedonia township was created the 12 day of February, 1853, when Pottawattamie county was divided into three townships. This was done at a special session of the county court, which was constituted of the county judge, T. Burdick. When the new township was created, it constituted the same territory that now encompasses the twelve easterly townships, or fully two-fifths of the county.

The township boasts of one major city, that of Macedonia. It is now one of the smallest townships in the county, consisting of only 24 Sections, and bounded on the north by Carson township, south by Mills County, east by Grove township, and west by Silver Creek township.

Early officers who governed the county were: trustees, N. L. Hobson, John R. Maynes, and A. C. Lewis; clerk, Thos. I. Clark; constables, W. L. Hobson and Abe Branden; assessor, J. M. Coons.


  • Settlers: early settlers associated with both the township and town were: Thomas Jefferson Ring who arrived in old Macedonia on May 1, 1848; Jacob Myers, coming from Ohio about the same time; J. B. Stutsman and Wm. Martin (ca. 1851); J. Z. Losh; Mr. Tuttle; Mr. Hanshalder (1852); Joseph Lyman; Henry Adams; John McDermott; Calvin A. Beebe, and several others.
  • School: Taught in a rented building by sixteen year old, Joseph Lyman in about 1854.
  • Postmaster: Calvin A. Beebe
  • Railroad: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad in 1880
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