Index to Marriage Records in Pottawattamie County

The Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society has ALL the ORIGINAL Pottawattamie County marriage records dated from 1848 through 1940! These are not copies and not computer images, but the original marriage books. In many cases the actual signatures of the married couples can be found in the books. Copies of these records are available from the PCGS for a small donation.  Email us your list of names.  Please type “Marriage” on the subject line.  

The links below are to marriages recorded in Council Bluffs from November 1902 through 1940, and to marriages recorded at the Avoca courthouse from 1885 through 1921. Soon, the early Council Bluffs marriages will be added.

All marriages are listed twice, once by bride, and once by groom.

If your ancestor’s name is not here, please send us your names.

Click HERE for more information about researching marriage records.

Helpful Hint: To search one of these lists, open the list then click on Edit at the top of the page, then in the dropdown, click on Find and Replace. Type the name you want to find and click Find in the lower left corner.

ALh – Ly
B – BerM – Ma
Bes – BraMc – Mik
Brd – ByxMil – My
C – ClN
Co -CzO
D – DeP – Pete
Dh – DyPeth – Qun
ER – Ril
FRim – Ry
G – GoS – Sei
Gr – GySej – Sl
H – HarSm – Sta
Has – HlSte – Sz
Ho – HyT
IU – V
JW – Wh
K – KiWi – Wz
Kj – KyX-Y-Z
L – Le
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