Biographies “W”

The Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society has access to
at least one biography for the following early residents of
Pottawattamie County.
 Note: Except for Council Bluffs, all references in the second column are to a township.
 Wadsworth, Samuel Council Bluffs
 Walker, A. B. Council Bluffs
 Ward, George T. Norwalk
 Ward, R. T. Boomer
 Warner, A. W. Valley
 Warner, Charles Valley
 Warren, Henry P. Council Bluffs
 Wasser, Charles Pleasant
 Watkins, H. S. Neola
 Watkins, J. H. Neola
 Watts, John Valley
 Weaver, C. C. Wright
 Webb, Rev. Frederick T. Council Bluffs
 Weidner, William Lewis
 Weis, Peter Council Bluffs
 Wells, Lucius Council Bluffs
 West, George Rockford
 Wetmore, H. C. Valley
 Wheeler, A. Council Bluffs
 Whipple, William W. Valley
 Whisnand, J. M. Valley
 White, J. S. Belknap
 White, R. M. Valley
 White, U. H. Council Bluffs
 White, W. S. Minden
 Whitney, William Center
 Wiese, P. Knox
 Wiese, Peter Valley
 Wightman, D. E. Norwalk
 Williams, G. J. Neola
 Williams, W. S. Valley
 Willmot, J. R. Boomer
 Wintherlich, H. J. Council Bluffs
 Wirt, W. O. Council Bluffs
 Wise, Mason Council Bluffs
 Witt, Charles M. Neola
 Woodbury, E. J. Council Bluffs
 Woodmansee, L. D. Grove
 Woodmansee, R. H. Macedonia
 Work, John M. Wright
 Wray, William Lewis
 Wright, George F. Council Bluffs
 Wright, I. S. Lewis
 Wright, James H. Belknap
 Wright, Jesse Boomer
 Wright, Thuston S. Wright
 Wright, William F. James
 Wright, William W. Wright
 Wyman, Albert W. Keg Creek
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