Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller was a hard working pioneer who helped build Kanesville.  He and his brother, Henry, who were inseparable, not only built the historic Kanesville Tabernacle but helped in establishing many other communities throughout the west.

Miller’s Hollow

Council Bluffs was originally called Miller’s Hollow after the two Miller brothers (Henry and Daniel), who settled below the eastern bluffs of the Missouri River in the Spring of 1846. The Millers pooled their funds and bought a cabin and 150 acres from a Frenchman named Hildreth. The name was changed to Kanesville in Spring 1848, to honor Col. Thomas Kane, who had helped negotiate between the Mormons and U.S. Army for volunteers.

Daniel Miller went to Utah in 1848, and was one of the original five settlers of Farmington. Henry stayed and was elected the first representative to the Iowa legislature from Pottawattamie County. Henry left in 1852 as a captain of a wagon train. In the next ten years he would be captain of four more wagon trains, earning him the title of “Captain.”

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