The Price of Our Heritage – R

Compiled by members of the Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society
Paul H. Radford
Miles B. Ragland
Claude E. Rankin
Alex C. Rasmusson
Archie G. Redden
James M. Reed
Robert H. Reed
Thomas Reese
Herbert J. Remondet
Andrew M. Reymer
Glenn Rhodes
Russ R. Richardson
Lyle G. Rickard
Russell Rickermann
Harvey Rimel
Edward C., Jr. Ripple
Guy Rison
Winfred E. Robb
Winifred E. Robb
Bryan Robinson
Vernon Rodgers
Evald M. Rodin
Ira J. Rogers
Ned H. Rogers
Herman Roose
Harold W. Ross
Lloyd D. Ross
Charles Rots
Solomon Rubel
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