Biographies “P”

The Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society has access to
at least one biography for the following early residents of
Pottawattamie County.
 Note: Except for Council Bluffs, all references in the second column are to a township.
 Page, Thomas Boomer
 Palmer, J. M. Council Bluffs
 Palmer, J. W. Council Bluffs
 Palmer, M. T. Belknap
 Palmer, Marion Valley
 Parker, J. F. Pleasant
 Passmore,Samuel B. Wright
 Patterson, W. H. Valley
 Patton, Dr. W. L. Council Bluffs
 Pearce, A. W. Grove
 Peatt, Mark Layton
 Pedicord, A. D. Pleasant
 Perkins, A. B. Keg Creek
 Perry, J. H. Macedonia
 Persons, Levi A. Waveland
 Peters, William Boomer
 Peterson, Christian Boomer
 Phelps, George T. Council Bluffs
 Phillips, J. M. Council Bluffs
 Phillips, R. V. Council Bluffs
 Phillips, William Norwalk
 Pierce, O. W. Washington
 Pinney, Charles. H. Council Bluffs
 Platner, Charles C. Hardin
 Plumb, George Belknap
 Plumer, H. F. Lewis
 Plunket, William F. Hardin
 Pontious, John C. Silver Creek
 Pope, Lemuel I. Lincoln
 Potter, H. C. Waveland
 Potter, L. F. Belknap
Poulson-Fagerstjerna, Peter Council Bluffs
 Pratt, C. F. Crescent
 Pratt, S. V. Crescent
 Price, Rees D. Hardin
 Prouty, L. Garner
 Pruden, C. M. Macedonia
 Purcell, W. M. Minden
 Pusey, N. M. Council Bluffs
 Putnam, A. D. Center
 Putnam, G. M. Grove
 Putnam, L. R. Center
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