Mormon Battalion Miscellaneous Personnel

Servants to Officers:

The following names have been sent me as having served as servants to officers in the Mormon Battalion, and as they were mostly too young to be received as soldiers, are entitled to much praise for their youthful patriotism and bravery.   There may have been a few others not report.   D. T.

Zemira Palmer to Col. James Allen until his death; to Dr. George B. Sanderson from Ft. Leavenworth to Santa Fe, thence to Lieut. Lorenzo Clark until the corps was discharged.  William Byron Pace to Liuet. James Pace.  Wilson D. Pace, to Lieut. Andrew Lytle.  N. D. Higgins, to Captain Nelson Higgins.  Charles Edwin Colton, to Adjutant P. C. Merrill.  James Mowrey to Lieuts. George Rosecrans, Samuel Thompson and Robert Clift.  Elisha Smith, to Capt. Daniel C. Davis.

List of Families Who Accompanied the Battalion:

Mrs. Celia Hunt, wife of senior Captain Jefferson Hunt, sons:  Hyrum, John, Joseph, Parley; daughters:  Jane, Harriet, Mary; second wife, Matilda: in the family, Peter Nease, Ellen Nease, John Bosco and wife, Jane.  Mrs. Hunter, wife of Captain Jesse D. Hunter, of Company B, died at San Diego, left an infant and perhaps other children.  Mrs. Mary Brown, wife of Captain James Brown, of Company C.; son:   David Black, and some children by first wife.  Mrs. Captain Nelson Higgins,   of Company D; sons:  Alpheus, Don Carlos; daughters:  Druzilla, Almira (married to John Chase at Pueblo), and one child born at Pueblo.  Mrs. Susan, wife of Captain Daniel C. Davis, of Company E; son: Daniel C. Davis, Jr.  Mrs. Fanny Mariah, wife of Dimick B. Huntington; sons:  Clark Allen, Lot; daughters:  Martha, Zina, Betsey, Prescinda (born at Pueblo).  Mrs. Malinda, wife of Milton Kelley; Malinda Catherine (born at Pueblo, now wife of Benj. L. Alexander).  Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Sgt. Sebert C. Shelton; sons:  Jackson Mayfield, John Mayfield; daughters:   Sarah Mayfield, Caroline Shelton, Mariah Shelton.  Mrs. Eunice, wife of James P. Brown; sons:  Robert, Newman, John (born while traveling between Pueblo and Salt Lake Valley); daughters:  Sarah Jane and Mary Ann.  Mrs. Norman Sharp; daughter born at Pueblo.  Miss Caroline Sargent.  Mrs. Montgomery Button; sons:   James, Jutson, Charles; daughter:  Louiza.  Mrs. Albina, wife of Thomas S. Williams; son:  Ephraim; daughters:  Caroline, Phebe (the latter born at Pueblo).  Mrs. Jane Hanks, wife of Sgt. Ebenezer Hanks.  Mrs. Phebe, wife of Sgt. Ebenezer Brown.  Mrs. Sophia, wife of William Tubbs.  Mrs. Catherine, wife of John Steele; daughter:  Mary, also Young Elizabeth (born twelve days after arriving in Salt Lake Valley).  Mrs. Susan, wife of Sgt. Orson B. Adams.  Mrs. Mary Ann, wife of John Hyrons.  Mrs. Emeline, wife of John Hess.  Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Elisha Smith.  Mrs. Isabella, wife of David Wilkin.  Mrs. J. T. S. Allred.  Mrs. Reuben Allred.  Mrs. Sarah Shupe, wife of Andrew Jackson Shupe.   Mrs. Coray, wife of Sgt. Coray.  Mrs. Ruth Abbott.  Mrs. Harriet Brown, wife of Daniel Brown.  Mrs. Sarah, wife of Nicholas Kelley; son:  Parley.   Mrs. Agnes, wife of Sgt. Edward L. Brown.  Mrs. Caroline, wife of John Sessions.

There may have been a few others, not reported. as all are collected from memory.  D. T.

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