The Price of Our Heritage – C

Compiled by members of the Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society
Joseph Cahill
Harry L. Calhoun
Marion Campbell
Frank E. Carson
Robert S. Casebolt
Carl L. Caviness
Harry E. Chambers
Frank C. Champion
Stanis Chapas
Henry G. Chirscinske
Izador J. Chopp
Henry W. Christensen
Clyde M. Chushman
Edward Soren Claffey
Abel Clark
Robert L. Clausen
Harry E. Clemens
Oakley Cobb
Paul R. Coffin
Emmett E. Collins
John B. Collins
Cecil M. Conley
Earl T. Conway
Carl J. Cook
Carl J. Cook
Harvey Cook
Richard C. Cook
William A. Coon
Earl Coons
Hedley H. Cooper
Lawrence F. Cooper
Wesley E. Coverdale
Basil E. Cowell
Brodie G. Cownie
Fred Cox
John T. Cox
Leroy Craig
Otis E. Craig
Melvin L. Crandall
Ray R. Craun
Lynn Crawford
Enerott O. Creasey
Leroy B. Creaton
Bruce C. Croft
Lloyd Culp
Cecil C. Cummings
Charles C. Cunningham
John M. Currie
Tremble C. Curry
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