Reel’s Cemetery

This small cemetery is located in the SE corner of NE 1/4 of SW 1/4, Section 31, Township 77 N, Range 43 W, Bloomer Township.

An article in the March 8, 1981 Council Bluffs Nonpareil says in part “Records for Reel’s Cemetery have vanished according to the Bloomer Township Clerk. He hopes those who know of others buried here will notify the Clerk’s Office for the records.”

Reel’s Cemetery is a bit out of the way. It lies on a hilltop among farm fields, off a county road, off of Highway L 36. A sign on the fence points the way and antoher sign says “Please Close Gate.” It is a quarter mile walk up the hill, through another gate to the cemetery. The stones are old, many flat on the ground, some worn smooth. Burials seem to have ceased in the 1930s. Some stones are in rose and gooseberry bushes.

The cemetery is mowed, especially for Memorial Day.

See Iowa Gravestone Photo Project and Find A Grave to view headstones in Reels Cemetery.

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